Friday, May 04, 2018

MIW Chanhassen, MN 3/3/18

Promotion: Minnesota Independent Wrestling
Time/Date: 8 pm Saturday March 3, 2018
City, State: Chanhassen, MN
Venue: American Legion

Air Wolf defeated Kyle Pro in the opening match.

Former MIW champion Scott Story checked to see how many likes his latest photo on Instagram got as El Bano looks on. By the way, on can be found on Instagram @wamccarty. Go check it out if you have Instagram. If you don't have it then you should start an account named @crockedTerryFox.

"Young Gun" Rylie Jackson defeated Officer Rob Justice.

Mitch Paradise VS Joseph "Stonehenge" Wayne ended in a double count out.

Kal Creed defeated The Tomahawk Kid.

It was a hot night at the Chanhassen American Legion. Creed brought out his biggest fan to ringside to cool the room down.

Chadwick Wentworth III defeated JD Bandit. Not sure why CWIII had to put on a golf glove midway through the match.

MIW president Pete Huge came out ring side for the main event. He proudly showed off his year end award from Heel Turn Radio podcast.

MIW owner Terry Fox showed off his 2 Heel Turn Radio year end awards.

The main event was for the MIW championship title. Champion Chris Jordan VS El Bano VS Scott Story.

Scott Story won the match to once again win the MIW championship title.There was some interference at the end of the match to lead to Story winning the match.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

PWB St. Paul, MN 2/24/18

Promotion: Pro Wrestling Battleground
Time/Date: 6 p.m. Saturday February 24, 2018
City, State: St. Paul, MN
Venue: Wilebski's Blues Saloon

In the opening match Darin Corbin defeated "Downtown" Petey Brown.

Giant Griffin pinned Elliott "Eye Candy" Paul.

The Kid/Creed Connection (Kal Creed & The Tomahawk Kid) defeated Angel Dorado & James Tapia in tag team action.

Kody Rice pinned Stephen Wolf.

PW champion Super Thunder Frog defeated Matt Knicks to retain the title.

Stevie Fierce pinned Arik Cannon.

PWB Breakout champion Air Wolf pinned Orin Veidt in a no DQ match to retain the title. Metal chairs and doors were used in this match.

PWB returns to Wilebski's on March 24, 2018.
For the month of February I photographed 5 different promotions. There were 56 different wrestlers on those events. 13 of those wrestlers came from outside of MN. One of those wrestlers was on all 5 events and that was Air Wolf. It was recently announced that Air Wolf will be heading out of MN to compete in Chikara's Young Lion's Cup as well as IPW's Hall of Fame Classic tournament. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

HOW Duluth, MN 2.18.18

Promotion: Heavy On Wrestling
Time/Date: 5 p.m. Sunday February 18, 2018
City, State: Duluth, MN
Venue: Clyde Iron Works

No Love Lost

It was a snowy day in Minnesota. The drive up to Duluth from the Minneapolis area didn't see much snow but it did start close to event time.That snow would cause a change to one of the matches on this card.

In the opening match Wild Cat defeated Ryan Cruz. Wild Cat debuted his new mask in this match.

In a 3 way match King Leonidas defeated heavy Metal Lore and Chainsaw King. Fan fact, Leonidas is a town in northern MN.

Ken Anderson...Anderson defeated Mitch Paradise in a #1 contender match. This #1 contender match was pretty much like a "money in the bank" match as the winner could challenge for the HOW title when ever they wanted.

This next match was scheduled to be a 4 women match for the new HOW woman's championship title. Because of the snow Madison Rayne, Angelina Love and Laurel Van Ness were unable to make it to Duluth for this event. Leva Bates was able to make so she faced Kara Noia for the HOW woman's title.

For the first 2 matches Kara Noia was ring side doing video camera for HOW production. Noia is a student at The Academy of Professional Wrestling and she has only work in less then 10 matches. I last saw her as a referee at Showtime Championship Wrestling in St. Paul, MN. Noia had less then 10 minutes to prepare for this championship match against Bates. Good thing thing

Leva Bates pinned Kara Noia to win the first ever HOW Woman's championship title. Bates is known as the cosplay wrestler. For this match she cosplayed as Mikasa Ackerman from Attack On Titan, a popular anima series from Japan. The morning after the event I showed my wife photos of Bates as Mikasa as she has watched Attack On Titan. The first thing she said was "where are the leg straps?". Bates took those leg straps off mid way through the match.

Billy Gunn defeated Shawn Daivari. Usually I post a photo of the winner the match doing a move or hold but in this match I didn't have that. During this match I had to go to the bathroom. When I returned Gunn had just won the match with his fameasser move.

While he was in the area Billy Gunn did a seminar at The Academy of Processional Wrestling. He also did a pod cast with Ken Anderson and Michael Hunter for Lower The Mic.Click here to listen to that pod cast.

The main event was a 4 corners match for the HOW championship. HOW champion Darin Corbin took on Arik Canon, Kody Rice and Air Wolf.

Air Wolf pinned Kody Rice to win the HOW championship title.

Ken Anderson...Anderson and Shawn Daivari came out to congratulate Air Wolf as they are his trainers at The Academy of Professional Wrestling.Anderson told Air Wolf that he was going after his title, right now. After a belt to the head and a mic check Anderson got the pin on Air Wolf.

Ken Anderson...Anderson is the new HOW undisputed champion.

The next HOW event is a big one. It takes place on July 29, 2018 in Tower, MN at the Fortune Bay Casino. Already signed to appear at this event are Scott Hall, Eric Bischoff and Ricky Steamboat.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Crushed Glencoe, MN 2/17/18

Promotion: Crushed Pro Wrestling
Time/Date: 7 p.m. Saturday February 17, 2018
City, State: Glencoe, MN
Venue: Glencoe City Center

Crushed Pro Wrestling held their 4th event at the beautiful Glencoe City Center. This building was built back in 1932 and was originally the Glencoe high school. This was 2 nights in a row that I was at a wrestling event in a venue that was over 80 years old.

Glencoe is about 50 miles to the west of Minneapolis. Too bad it's so far away as it's a really nice venue. There is a large floor area and a balcony which is were I took this photo from. Pretty sure some wrestler is diving off that balcony.

In a pre-show match The Tomahawk Kid pinned James Tapia.

Air Wolf, Angel Dorado & Chris Cro defeated Brandon Gore, JDX & AJ Bond in a 6 man tag match.

"The Minnesota Wrecker" Josh Price pinned Leonard Literacy.

Kyle Pro won a 3 way match against Kal Creed and Rylie Jackson.

Arik Cannon pinned "6% Body Fat" Rob James for the 1,129th time. James came to the ring to new entrance music. It was Joey Envy's old entrance music.

"Downtown" Petey Brown & Darin Corbin defeated The Black Plauge (Joseph "Stonehenge" Wayne & "Heavy Metal" Lore) when Corbin pinned Lore.

Danny Duggan defeated Super Thunder Frog and King Leonidas in a 3 way match. With that win Duggan was granted a spot in a match for the Crushed Pro Wrestling championship at Crushed 5.

The main event was a 2 out of 3 falls match between Jacob Savage and Orin Veidt. Veidt won the first fall.

Jacob Savage won the second fall. Oh look, someone did dive off the balcony. This dive actually took place after Savage won the second fall.

Orin Veidt pinned Jacob Savage after a witch hunter on to a steel chair. After the match it was announced that these two would face each other at Crushed 5 in a last man standing match.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

MAW Minneapolis, MN 2/16/18

Promotion: Midwest All-Star Wrestling
Time/Date: 8 p.m. Friday February 16, 2018
City, State: Minneapolis, MN
Venue: Parkway Theater

I believe this was the first time that pro wrestling was seen at this 80 year old theater in south Minneapolis. It has not been used as a regular theater in many years. I've been here to watch some Doctor Who episodes and most recently to watch a screening of 1980's Flash Gordon, which is when I found out about this event. It's been cold in the Parkway each time I've been there and this night was no different. I guess the heater has not worked in a while. This event was the last one in the Parkway until the new owners do a remodel. this was my first time at an MAW event as most of their events have been on Sundays.

The first two matches were pre-show 'young lions' matches. They involved 4 of the recent graduates from The Academy of Professional Wrestling.
Rylie Jackson VS Kyle Pro ended in a 10 minute time limit draw.

Brandon Gore pinned JDX.

Tomahawk Kid pinned Officer Rob Justice.

The Maulers (Joseph "Stonehenge" Wayne & Damien Graves) defeated El Tigre & El Angel Dorado.

"Downtown" Petey Brown defeated "Mr Entertainment" Ty Cooper. After the match they were both attacked by JDX and Rylie Jackson. Brown and Cooper got their revenge after intermission.

Aiden Wake pinned Leonard Literacy after some outside help from Sneaky Pete.

Orin Veidt pinned Air Wolf. Veidt had some help from the Maulers. This was the first of 3 events I would shoot at on this weekend.There was one wrestler who was also at all three of those events and that was Air Wolf.

In the main event Garrison Creed defeated Duke Cornell