Saturday, May 13, 2006

NIW 5/7/2006 Amery, WI

Northern Impact Wrestling returned to the Northstar Event Center in Amery, WI on May 7th, 2006. I had fun on the hour + drive to Amery as Frosty Ann-Thraxx and I stopped along the way to take photos with statues.
Here's Ann-Thraxx putting the 3XW womans belt on the new champ, Lady Liberty.
The first match on the card was a gauntlet tag match for the NIW tag team titles. The first team out was The Featured Attraction, To Gloccs and Vinnie Devine. The next team to come out was Malikite...ummm with no partner. The Featured Attraction won.
Next team out was 101 Proof, Venom & Bret O'Brian. They beat The Featured Attraction to move on to the tag team champs.
The NIW tag team champs Dano Tep & Trent Jones w/Ann-Thraxx held on to their belts in the last match of the gauntlet.
The second match of the card was a triple threat for the the NIW Impact championship. The champion The Prophet retained the title against Arik Cannon and The Punisher Rob James. But it took both The Prophet and The Punisher to pin Cannon.
In his first singles match since his return to wrestling Horace the Psychopath beat Kid Krazy, with a little help from his Junk Squad team mates.
Ben Sailer had a rematch with the NIW champion Al B.C. Sailer had Al tapping out but The Boss was distracting the ref. This gave Al the chance to hit Sailer with the title belt and to put on a sleeper hold.
The feud between the Junk Squad and The Northstar Express continued as they battled in a no holds barred match. Once again the Junk Squad used their handcuffs, this time they cuffed Dairn Corbin as they finished off Ryan Cruz. At the end of the match the whole locker room cleared out and the big man Venom did a dive on to everyone.

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