Monday, November 06, 2006


Recently 3 wrestlers from the midwest have been given developmental contracts from the WWE to work in either OVW or Deep South.

From Minneapolis, MN is Magnus Maximus. After an injury and some time off he return this year in hopes of getting to the WWE. He has wrestled mainly for MPW and Neo Pro/NPW.
Robert 'Egotistical Fantastical' Anthony comes from Chicago, IL. He wrestles with the mask in 3XW, M1W and AAW and he wrestles without the mask in other promotions.
The third man to get the conctract, Keith Walker, AKA Mike Venom, is also from Chicago. Promotions Walker has worked for in the recently are AAW, M1W and WLW. Walker has also recently wrestled in Japan for NOAH.
Another indy worker who recently got a contract from the WWE is Cluadio Castagnoli. He's not from the midwest or even the US. Claudio is from Schaffhausen, Switzerland but he has been wrestling in the United States for the past coulple of years and has made it to the midwest a number of time for IWA MS, MPW, ROH and others. The photo here is from the first World Series of Wrestling when Cluadio wrestled for Chikara against MPW's Casanova.

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