Tuesday, April 24, 2007

F1rst Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 4/22/2007

Pro Wrestling returned to First Ave night club in Minneapolis, MN this last Sunday night as F1rst Wrestling debuted in the building.
The card started out with a 4 corner match between The Prophet, Cody O'Neill, Nate Bash and Rob James. This match had some great cruiser weight action. In the end both O'Neill and James had pinned Bash and Prophet to win the match.
The second match of the night was Rain Vs Lacey. These two have wrestled against each other many times in the past and they have also teamed together to form the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew. On this night Lacey got the win with a hand full of Rains tights.
101 Proof (Bret O'Brian & Venom) beat the I Guys(Marek Brave & Shane Hollister). This was the MN debut for the I Guys.
In his 3rd to last indy wrestling match before heading to the WWE Colt Cabana pinned Aaron Corbin after a frog splash. Lot's of comedy in this match.
What started out as a singles match turned in to a tag team title match for the 3XW tag team titles. Ryan Cruz started against Chris Jordan but Jordans Junk Squad partner Pete Huge got involved which brought out Cruz's Northstar Express partner Darin Corbin. NSE made the challenge for their 3XW belts and the Junk Squad accepted. Cruz got the pin on Huge after Jordan hit Huge with a top rope elbow drop. After the match Huge and Jordan got into an argument and seem to have parted ways.
Brody Hoofer beat Joey Envy. It's nice to see Hoofer drop the 'Big Daddy' name.
In the main event Arik Cannon beat Tyler Black. This was billed as 'MTV Wrestling Society X stars

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