Wednesday, July 18, 2007

F1RST Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 7/15/2007

This last Sunday F1RST Wrestling returned to First Ave for a card that was titled 'Unfinished Business'. Making a guest appearance on this night was Nora 'Molly Holly' Greenwald.
In the opening match Cody O'Neill beat Arik Cannon with a roll up. O'Neill came to the ring with WCCO 830 radio personality Dark Star and the lovely Venus de Milo. Star was with O'Neill because he heard about all the problems O'Neill was having with Rob James. Unfortunately Star and de Milo were no help as O'Neill was once again attacked by James and Horace the Psychopath. Cannon came back to the ring to help his long time rival and they set up the main event for the night as Cannon & O'Neill would take on In Shape & Insane (James & Horace) in an Anrarky rules match.
In the Onion match of the night, The Prophet won a 4 corner match as he pinned Zac James who debuted at F1rst Wrestling. Also in the match were Kleck Micheals and Nate Bash.
In a brother vs brother match it was the younger brother Darin who beat his older brother Aaron.
It's very rare in pro wrestling when promotions work together. On this F1rst Wrestling card the AWA RUSH championship was on the line as champion Joey Envy took on challenger Jaysin Strife. Not only did AWA RUSH have their senior ref Tad Taylor officiate the match but they also had their ring announcer Levi do the introductions. Envy retained his title winning the match with a super kick.
Arya Daivari came out and got on the mic to rip on the U.S. troops in Iraq. Daivaris words got a few fans really upset as some challenged him to step out of the ring. Instead Daivari issued an open challenge to anyone in the back. Out came Ryan Cruz waving the U.S. flag. After Daivari missed the magic carpet ride Cruz hit his boomshakalaka for the win. Too bad the war in Iraq can't end that easily.
'Playboy' Pete Huge beat his long time rival Brody Hoofer with a little help from his manager Allison Wunderland and his belt buckle. These two started in the biz together over 8 years ago.
Arik Cannon & Cody O'Neill beat In Shape & Insane in the anything goes anarky rules match. This match was very bloody as 3 of the wrestlers bleed enough to fill a few bags for the Red Cross. Cannon gave James a burning hammer to get the pin after James was put though a table with an O'Neill double stomp off the First Ave stage.

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