Monday, February 25, 2008

F1RST Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 2/24/2008

F1RST Wrestling returned to First Ave night club in downtown Minneapolis on a Sunday night. The name for this card was No Love Lost.
In the opening match "The Professional" Benjamin Sailer pinned Kamikaze Klecker with his 'hand gernade pin' suplex. You might have to have Sailer explain it to you.
Arya Daivari beat Nate Bash, Venom and The Prophet in a 4 corners match. Both Daivari and Bash got pins at the same time as Daivari hit his magic carpet ride and Bash hit his 450 splash. They went for 5 more minutes in hopes to have one winner.
"6% Body Fat" Rob James pinned Shane Hollister.
Brody Hoofer beat Joey Envy and Pete Huge w/Allison Wonderland in a 3 way match. After Hoofer got the pin on Envy he challenged Huge to a dog coller match next month.
Tyler Black defeated Jaysin Strife.
SkullKrusher Rasche pinned Thoruf Marius. After these two did a superplex from the top rope I could almost hear Bobby Heanan yelling 'the ring just moved 10 feet!!!!'.
The Northstar Express defeated Arik Cannon & Cody O'Neill in what was billed a sudent vs teacher match. After Cruz got the pin on Cannon all four were attacked by Aaron Corbin, Daivari, James and Envy. The locker room cleared out and every wrestler was in the ring, except for Marius and Rasche.

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