Saturday, March 29, 2008

F1RST Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 3/28/2008

F1RST Wrestling ran a card this past Friday night at First Ave night club called "Die Another Day".
The night started out with a locker room clearing brawl that ended with Kamakazi Klecker jumping off the stairs onto a crowd of wrestlers. I have never seen this done at First Ave in the 5 years I've been going to matches there. I've heard of one wrestler doing this before but not at the hight that Klecker got.
The big brawl ended and the first match started right away as Arik Cannon took on Rob James. Cannon one after his glimmering warlock.
The second match of the night was brother VS brother with the winner getting the other ones L.E.D. scrol belt. The Corbin brothers have been fueding for a few years now and on this night big brother Aaron Corbin got the win and belts against Darin Corbin.
Joey Envy won a 4 corners match against Cody O'Neill, The Prophet and Kamakazi Klecker. Klecker did not make it to the ring when his music played because he was injured from his dive from the stairs. He did make it out a little into the match.
Arya Daivari defeated Ryan Cruz after he threw a fire ball at Cruz's face.
Midwest Ground & Air (Nate Bash & Benjamin Sailer)defeated 101 Proof (Bret O'Brian & Venom). O'Brian has new trunks that have 'scum' writen on the back.
In the co-main event Jerry Lynn pinned Al Snow w/Head. Lots of comedy in this match that even got ref Rob Page envolved.
The last match of the night was a dog coller match between Brody Hoofer and Pete Huge. These two beat the crap out of each other with cookie sheets, garbage cans, chairs tables and the 15 ft chain. In the end Hoofer offered his hand to Huge to put an end to their ring war. Huge didn't shake his hand.

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bicycle is the new black said...

That Al Snow vs. Jerry Lynn was quite comical indeed.