Tuesday, August 05, 2008

F1rst Wrestling Shakopee, MN 8/3/2008

F1rst Wrestling held their first matches outside of First Ave as they took their ring to the Van's Warped tour at the Canterbury Race track in Shakopee, MN this last Sunday. The ring was set up in front of the two main stages and a 6 foot high chain link fence surrounded the ring. The matches presented at Warped tour were mainly to help promote F1rst Wrestling and the up coming card. There were many matches though out the day but I'm only posting photos from a few of the ones that I did photograph. Wrestlers who were in matches were Arik Cannon, Darin Corbin, Ryan Cruz, Arya Daivari, Nate Bash, Benjamin Sailer, Zero Kincade, Mike Stanley, Allison Wonderland, Venom, Ryan Slade, Rob James, Jimmy Rockwell, Zach Thompson,
Nate Bash defeated Arya Daivari in a singles match. They went outside the cage area and fought amongst the all the emo kids. Bash went back into the ring to do a jump off the top rope and over the cage onto Daivari.

Darin Corbin beat Arik Cannon in a dog collar match. Both wrestlers got very bloody during this match.

A few of the F1rst Wrestling regulars were unable to make it to on Sunday so Cannon called up a few wrestlers from 3XW. One of those wrestlers was Ryan Slade who on this day thought it would be a good idea to wrestle in a thong. I'm not sure if he really did know what a great idea it was when he decided to do it but wrestling in a thong made him some extra money that day. It turns out that a lot of young ladies at the rock n roll show like to have their photo taken with guys wearing thongs.

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