Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MIW Chanhassen, MN 3/7/2009

Minnesota Independent Wrestling returned to a full house at the Chanhassen American Legion this past Saturday night. On this night two wrestlers made their return to MIW.
In the opening contest "The Professional" Benjamin Sailer defeated The Black Stallion with a top rope sunset flip.
The first of the two returning wrestlers on this night was "The Genuine Article" Chris Jordan. Jordan defeated rookie "The Law" Mark Barker. This was my first time seeing Barker as "The Law". Barker has gone through a few different names in the past 6 months and I hope he sticks with this one. It's been a while since there has been a man of the law in the MSP area.

The second wrestler of the night to make their return to MIW was Austin Aries. Before the first bell of the night Aries came out and made a challenge to anyone in the back. Cpl. Julio Julio came out to accept the challenge. Aries revealed that Julio was one of his trainees and he tried to talk Julio out of the match. Aries won the match of teacher vs student when Julio missed a move using the ropes and Aries put him away with a brain buster.
"The Popular" Nate Bash pinned "Playboy" Pete Huge.
Mitch Paradise became the new MIW heavy weight champion when he defeated Brody Hoofer. Paradise had a little help with his win as The Black Stallion and came out to distract the ref and Huge hit Hoofer with a chair.

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