Friday, April 10, 2009

AWF Isanti, MN 4/4/2009

The American Wrestling Federation returned to the Isanti Civic Center for the second year in a row to benifit the Isanti high school baseball team.
In the opening match Mikey Stanley won by DQ over Aaron Corbin. Stanley had the upper hand when Brody Hoofer came out and attacked him. As Corbin and Hoofer beat the crap out of Stanley the O'Neill twins came to the ring to chase them off. This set up a tag team match for later in the card.
Lenny Lane defeated Sammy Savard by DQ. Savard got the pin on Lane but when referee Jay Soltis raised Savards hand a brass knuckles dropped from his armpit. Seeing the illegal object Soltis reversed his decision and awarded the match to Lane.
Thoruf Marius defeated The Black Stallion after a somoan drop.
Cody & Cory O'Neill defeated Aaron Corbin & Brody Hoofer. This was announced as the last time that the O'Neill twins will tag together as Cody is retiring.
Tony DeNucci defeated Udo. This was Udo's first match in the AWF and DeNucci welcomed him with some brutal chops that left their marks on Udo's chest.
Former WWE hardcore and tag team Champion Bob Holly defeated Mitch Paradise. Holly got the win after giving Paradise the alabama slam.

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