Tuesday, November 01, 2011

PTW Bloomington, MN 10/28/2011

Prime Time Wrestling had their second event this past Friday night at the Bloomington Knights of Columbus. There was a new ring announcer for this event.
IMG_6509Apostle 13 defeated “6% Body Fat” Rob James in the opening match. Apostle 13 was suppose to have a rematch against Mikey Wipeout as part of the championship tournament but Wipeout was recently injured.
IMG_6575Udo defeated Arya Daivari.
IMG_6707Chiropractor DC pinned Gunner Clash.
IMG_6785Dennis “The Menace” Michaels and Tiger Lilly came out to talk to DC after the match. I’m not sure what they were trying to say to DC as no one got on a mic. Michaels did ask to shake DC’s hand and then he kick DC in gut. Lilly hit DC in the jimmy and then she left the ring with Michaels.
IMG_6886Magic Man pinned The Black Stallion. In my post about last months PTW event I wrote that Magic Man had fewer matches then the Rainmaker. I was wrong, Magic Man has had a few more matches then the Rainmaker.
IMG_6839In the first few minutes of the match The Black Stallion had Magic Man in a headlock. Stallion then gave Magic Man a noggie that messed up his hair. Magic Man didn’t like his hair messed up so he called Charise, his hair stylist, out for a touch up. Not only did Charise fix Magic Man’s hair, she helped him win the match when she shot the hair spray in The Black Stallions eyes.
IMG_6980In the main event Lenny Lane defeated Mitch Paradise by DQ. Lane did the old “hey ref, he hit me with that chair that he is holding’ bit. The referee then DQ’ed Paradise even though he didn’t see Paradise hit Lane with the chair, because he didn’t hit Lane with the chair.
IMG_7076Paradise was pissed so he he was going to stomp a mud hole in Lane’s face. But before Paradise could get his boots dirty he was attacked by 7’ masked man. A few moments later another 7’ masked man came into the ring to pound on Paradise. The Rainmaker came to the ring to help Paradise but there was not much he could do against the much larger men.

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