Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PTW Bloomington, MN 2/17/2012

Prime Time Wrestling returned to the Knights of Columbus in Bloomington, MN this past Friday night.
IMG_2842The first match of the night was between El Bano and The Brauler. The match was declared a draw when PTW champion Lenny Lane came out and stopped the match. Lane did set up a rematch between El Bano and The Brauler for the next event on March 30th. But first they did a push-up contest. The Brauler won that contest as Lane prevented El Bano from doing more push-ups.
IMG_2987In the second match Arya Daivari pinned Mitch Paradise. Daivari was about to be chock slammed when he hit Paradise in the nuts.
IMG_3164The next match was originally scheduled to be an inter-gender tag team match pitting  Robby Thunder & Tiger Lilly  against The Black Stallion & Jordana K. For some reason Stallion was replaced by Renny D and it was no a singles match. But if Renny D won then Jordana K would get 5 minutes against Lilly. Robby Thunder got the three count over Renny D after the code breaker.
IMG_3321Ian Xavier & Udo defeated The Rainmaker & The Black Stallion. Magic Man was scheduled to be Xavier’s partner but he was injured so Udo replaced him. The Rainmaker tagged himself back into the match and was pinned. Stallion didn’t like The Rainmaker tagging himself in so he left the ring area. Xavier, Udo and Magic Man then put boots to ass until Chris Dorrian came out to help Rainmaker. This set up a tag team match for the March 30th event.
IMG_3431PTW champion Lenny Lane retained the title against Chiropractor DC. The match was first awarded to DC when he got the three count on Lane. But when the referee raised DC’s hand brass knuckles fell to the mat and the referee then awarded the match to Lane.

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