Friday, August 10, 2012

AWF Rockford, MN 8/4/2012

The American Wrestling Federation had a fund raiser event for the Rockford fire department at the Rockford community center this past Saturday night. To help out the RFD the AWF brought out the big gun, Bill Gunn. Rockford is the home town of AWF referee Rob Page. He was super excited to get back to ‘The Rock’.
IMG_3773Black Stallion defeated Arik Cannon in the opining match. Stallion didn’t do it all on his own. As Stallion distracted referee Rob Page John Johnson came to the ring and hit Cannon with his finishing move.
IMG_3858Ryan Cruz beat Arya Daivari by DQ. Ref Rob Page actually saw Daivari hit Cruz with a low blow and he called for the bell.
IMG_4004Tony DeNucci pinned Rob James after a frog splash.
IMG_4065AWF Elite champion Craven Knyte pinned Sammy Savard to retain the belt.
IMG_4325Billy Gunn pinned John Johnson after the fame asser. Black Stallion came to the ring to help Johnson. Johnny Parks then came out to even the odds and hand cuff Stallion to the ropes.

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