Saturday, January 19, 2013

PWB St. Paul, MN 1/5/2013

Pro Wrestling Battleground held their 6th anniversary event on Saturday night 1/5/13 at Wibelski’s Blues Saloon in St. Paul MN. Kudos to those who run PWB for lasting 6 years. A lot of promotions pop up and don’t’ even last half that long. For this post I’ve added Twitter names for some of the wrestlers.
IMG_5944In the opening match Chas Betts (@chasbetts)  , Venom (@Kingofthrowdown) & PJ Thorn defeated The Mad Russian, James Dawson & Ty Cooper. This was a 6 man tag team elimination match. Venom and Thorn were eliminated after The Mad Russian hit them with diving head butts. Betts then pinned all 3 of his opponents to get the win.
IMG_6076The Prophet won against PWB Breakout champion Luther Wilson III by DQ. Wilson tossed The Prophet over the top rope for the DQ. I didn’t know that rule was still in the rule book.
IMG_6167Craven Knyte (@CravenKnyte) defeated Udo.
IMG_6247Ryan Cruz (@cruzshakalaka) pinned “6% Body fat” Rob James (@6PercentBodyFat).
IMG_6318Renny D (@RealRennyD)defeated “Playboy” Pete Huge (@petehuge).
IMG_6412In the main event PWB champion Darin Corbin defeated Horace the Psychopath to retain the title. Corbin has been wearing some really ugly tights for his matches and the ones he wore in this match were one of the ugliest.

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