Tuesday, January 13, 2015

F1RST Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 1/9/2015

Promotion: F1RST Wrestling
Time/Date: 8:00pm Friday January 9, 2015
City, State: Minneapolis, MN
Venue: First Ave Main Room

 F1RST Wrestling and Pabst Blue Ribbon present: Wrestlepalooza V
 Venom defeated Rob James, Kody Rice and Deputy Rob Justice in a 4 way match to open up sold out event.
Queenie Von Curves did a burlesque number to a Richard Cheese song.
 "The Worlds Sweetest Man" Jervis Cottenbelly pinned Chuck Taylor.
 Metallager, a Metalica cover band that does comedy by Gallagher which includes smashing fruit. The stage and entrance ramp was a mess by the end of their second set later in the night.
The Northstar Express (Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz) defeated Zero Gravity.

"Playboy" Pete Huge defeated Yabo the Clown.
After his victory Huge was roughed up by MN Roller Girl Hannah Shot First. Hannah was sticking up for ring announcer John Maddening, who also announces for the MN Roller Girls.
Musette did a burlesque number as Optimus Prime.
Wildcat VS  John Johnson ended in a 'no contest' when Aaron Corbin interfered.
 Yellow Dog came out to help Wildcat and a tag team match started. The animals defeated the Misfits (John Johnson & Aaron Corbin).
 Ariya Daivari defeated Arik Cannon in a TLC match. Ariya Daivari became the first F1RST Wrestling Wrestlepalooza champion.

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