Thursday, February 15, 2018

SCW St. Paul, MN 2/9/18

Promotion: Showtime Championship Wrestling
Time/Date: 7 p.m. Friday February 9, 2018
City, State: St.Paul, MN
Venue: Eagles Club

The first match was a 4 man elimination match for the SCW Future Clash Championship held by Brandon Gore.
JDX eliminated Koda Jacobs.

Brandon Gore eliminated Joey Keys.

SCW Future Clash champion Brandon Gore pinned JDX to retain the title.

The next match was to determine the #1 contender for the SCW Future Clash championship. Former champion Ricky Noren VS Kyle Pro ended in a double count out.

Tomahawk Kid pinned Shinigami. Message to fans who figure out who is under the mask. Keep it to yourself.

Heavy Metal Lore pinned James Tapia. Lore actually tapped out to a Tapia submission hold but the ref was knocked out.

El Angel Dorado & Giant Griffin won by DQ over ESQ III & Rylie Jackson.

This match must have been contested under lucha rules as the DQ came when Rylie Jackson took off El Angel Dorado's mask.

Zuka King pinned DeAndre Jackson after outside help from JDX. These two men and Movie Myk (who was in the main event) came all the way from the east coast for 2 SCW events. It's always nice to see two guys come to an area where no one in the crowd knows who they are.Both these guys connected with the SCW crowd.

Air Wolf won a 4 man match against Kal Creed, Movie Myk and Jeff Cobb. Air Wolf got the 3 count on Myk.

SCW returns to the Eagles Club on Friday March 30, 2018.

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