Friday, October 06, 2006

IWA MS TPI Midlothain, IL 9/30/2006

The second night of the IWA MS Ted Petty Invitational was a long night of wrestling as not only were there 10 tournament matches but there were 5 other matches as well. Not only were the fans treated to so much great wrestling but they got a few surprises as well as some wrestlers made their return to IWA MS.
El Genarico beat M-Dogg 20 to move on to the next round.
Claudio Castignoli beat Mike Quackenbush in one of the best matches of the night.
Low Ki beat Davey Richards in a very hard hitting match.
Chris Hero made Trik Davis submit.
Arik Cannon pinned Hallowicked.
Roderick Strong beat Delirious by tap out.
Eddie Kingston & Joker & Ricocet beat the Thomaselis.
The Northstar Express won some weird ruled match with 5 tag teams of wrestlers who lost in the first round the night before. In the photo here Rickey Reyes is pointing out to the fans that Ryan Cruz looks like Matt Hardy.
Arik Cannon beat Claudio Castignoli.
Roderick Strong beat Chris Hero with a back slide.
Low Ki beat El Generico.
Chuck Taylor beat Toby Klien to become the new IWA MS heavyweight champion.
In the TPI finals Low Ki beat Roderick Stong and Arik Cannon. First Low Ki pinned Strong then he knocked out Cannon for the win.

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