Monday, December 10, 2007

FLWA Bloomington, MN 12/8/2007

The French Lakes Wrestling Association returned to action at the VFW in Bloomington, MN for a Saturday afternoon event.
Dominick Ether put 'Playboy' Pete Huge to sleep for the win. Ether also goes by the name John Johnson.
Cooter Hayseed beat Sammy Savard by DQ.
Chadwick Wentworth III beat The last of the Carnys JB Trask with a little help from his manager Mago. Once again we have a name change as Wentworth usually goes by The Black Stallion.
Kenny 'the Sod buster' Jay & his granddaughter Korina Kay beat Dan Jesser & Allison Wonderland. The ref for this match may have been a little biased as he is the son of Jay and I believe the father of Kay.
Shimdog (here's a guy who could use a name change. what the hell is a 'Shimdog'?) beat Arya Daivari in a capture the flag match to win the FLWA VFW title. This was a 'anything goes' match that went all over the VFW bingo hall.
Brody Hoofer defeated Mitch Paradise to win the vacated FLWA heavy weight title. Once again manager Mago got involved but this time he hit the wrong wrestler.

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