Sunday, December 16, 2007

NLW St. Paul, MN 12/15/2007

I attended my last wrestling card for 2007 when I went to the Eagles Club in St. Paul, MN this last Saturday night for Northern Lights Wrestling.
Darrel Hall defeated Ace of Harts in the opening match.
Jonny Goldengate beat Derrick Devlin.
Red Lightning & Johnny Riddlin beat Criminal Minds.
Tommy 'Spiderbaby' Saturday retained his NLW Midwest title against 'the upgrade' Jake Taylor.
Paul Van Dyke beat Ian Xavier in a 'salute the flag match'. The loser of the match had to salute the flag of the winners country. Van Dyke is an Iraq war vet and Xavier is a Canadian.
Van Dyke made his debut on 10/02/2005 in Faribualt, MN for Neo Pro wrestling. He was training to be a wrestler and wanted to have his first match before he was sent off to Iraq. In his first match he beat Aaron Corbin.

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