Tuesday, May 13, 2008

F1RST Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 5/9/2008

F1RST Wrestling returned to the First Ave night club on a Friday night with a card titled "Operation Payback". Before the first bell Pete Huge and Allison Wonderland came out to announce that Huge would not wrestle in the 4 way match that he was signed for.
Cody O'Neill pinned Joey Envy after a Spanish fly.

Thoruf Marius VS Brody Hoofer ended in a double count out. Marius held onto Hoofer as Hoofer tried to get back in the ring to beat the 10 count. The fans booed at the count out.

"The Excellence of Execution"Kamikaze Klecker & Venom defeated Zero Kincade & "K- Train" Kody Rice. Two of these 4 were scheduled to be in the 4 way that Huge pulled out of so this tag team match was made. This was my first time seeing Kody Rice.

After the tag match Pete Huge came out to beat up on Kincade & Rice. Huge then got on the mic and ripped on Jerry Lynn. A promo video of Lynn then played on the large screens at First Ave. Lynn told Huge to stop his crying. Huge said if Lynn was at First Ave he would kick his ass all over the place. Lynn's music hit and came out to start a match with Huge. This match ended the same way these two meet last time, with a cradle piledriver and pin by Lynn.

Darin Corbin defeated Aaron Corbin in a L.E.D. belt on a pole match. Darin Corbin has been coming to the ring with an L.E.D. scroll belt on for over a year now. His big brother Aaron took Darin's belt and to get it back they had this belt on a pole match.
Shane Hollister pinned Arik Cannon.

Midwest Ground & Air (Benjamin Sailer & Nate Bash) defeated Danny Daniels & Silas Young.
In the main event Ryan Cruz pinned Arya Daivari in a Boot Camp match. What is a Boot Camp match? Pretty much a no DQ match. Last time at F1RST Wrestling Daivari used a fire ball to get a win over Cruz. In this match he poured gasoline on Cruz and tried to light him on fire but ref Ricky Reed took the lighter away. Cruz got the win after a leg drop off a ladder and through a table.


Anonymous said...

How do I find the next show?
Do you have a schedule of upcomming events?

How do I contact the Sheik? Does he have a website?


pro wrestling photog said...

F1RST Wrestling next card is on June 20th at Firtt Ave.