Saturday, May 24, 2008

Magnus Maximus AKA WWE's Bam Neely

Before he cam out on ECW as Chavo Guerrero's bodyguard named Bam Neely (and before he was in OVW as Justin "The Ox" laRouche) he was known as Magnus Maximus on the MN indy wrestling scene.

The photos here are from 2005/2006 when Magnus made his return to wrestling after a few years off. The second photo is from MPW at First Ave against Rob Ivy on 12/27/05. The last photo is from Neo Pro in Faribuilt, MN against Sammy Savard on 1/15/2006. A late congratulations goes out to Magnus on making it to the big stage.

Check out some of the links that I have on the side of my photoblog. There are links for some great photos on the the west (Shane M Kidder) and east (Christine Coons) coast and one who covers the womans indy wrestling scene(Wrestling Wally). Also linked is a blog by Dr. Darin Davis. He is a former indy wrestler out of the MN area who has done some blogs about Bam Neely with some videos of his old matchs. Be sure to check out Josh Ray's Missouri Wrestling Revival. Ray covers all the indy wrestling in the central states area with his awesome blog.

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