Monday, June 23, 2008

F1RST Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 6/20/2008

On Friday night in down town Minneapolis F1RST Wrestling presented 'The Return: '08'. The Northstar Express was to take on '6% body fat' Rob James & a mystery partner. Many fans were speculation that the return refered to James mystery partner and that it would be Horace the Psycophath or 'The Genuine Article' Chris Jordan both of who had not been seen in F1RST Wrestling for a while. As it turned out the card should have been titled 'The Returns: '08' as both Horace and Jordan returned but neither were the mystery partner. At the start of the card Arik Cannon came out to let the fans know that a few of the advertised wrestlers were unable to make it.
The opening match was a 3 way between Shane Hollister, Arya Daivari and The Prophet. Hollister got the win with a pin on The Prophet.
Venom deafeted Lorenzo Connoers in the second match of the night.
Rob James anounced his myster partner as Austin Aries. Even thought James had an international wrestler like Aries as his partner he was not able to beat the team of Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz. This was also a return for Aries. He's wrestled many times in First Ave before but not for F1rst Wrestling.
Thoruf Marius beat kamikaze Klecker.
Horace, the man that fans were guessing would be Rob James parter came out for the next match. He got on the mic and asked the fans if they wanted blood. The fans wanted blood and out came Arik Cannon. I don't believe that this match was announced as a hard core match but it was Horace the Psycopath so I think that just made it a hard core match. The matched ended when Horace gave Cannon a powerbomb on a pile of thumbtacks and pinned him. But the thumbtacks was not the sickest thing that happened in this match. The sickest thing happened up in the First Ave mens rooms when Horace was pushed in to the urinal and he layed down in the long urinal. I would post of photo of that but it is just too sick.
In the main event Midwest Ground & Air defeated the reformed Junk Squad. Chris Jordan had lost a retirement match a year ago against his partner Pete Huge but he must have found retirement no fun and he decided to get back with his long time partner and forgive him for what ever it was that made them fight before. After the Junk Squad lost they attacked Nate Bash & Benjamin Sailer.
F1RST Wrestling returns to First Ave on August 8th, 2008. check out buy all the F1rst Wrestling dvd's.

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