Tuesday, June 24, 2008

FLWA Howard Lake, MN 6/21/2008

French Lake Wrestling Association was part of the entertainment for the Howard Lake Good Neighbor festivel this last Saturday in a parking lot behind the city Hall. I really like out door shows.
In the opening match Benjamin Sailer defeated James Alexander with a top rope sunset flip.
Lenny Lane defeated rookie Dakota Darsow.
Dominick Ether defeated Sammy Savard with a frog splash.
Sheik Adnon's Army of Arya Daivari & Nate Bash defeated The Dixon/Sexon Connection. This was the first time The Dixon/Sexon Connection has been in action in Minnesota in a few years. I talked to them and they said they were spending time traveling the world and living on the beaches of Jamaica.
Renny D & Mike Stanley defeated Shimdog & Aaron Corbin. After the match Shimdog & Corbin were out side the ring when a fan slapped Shimdog. Police were near by and they took the drunk fan away. I was really surprised that it was Shimdog who had to hold back Corbin after the slap.
Cooter beat Mitch Paradise to win the Howard Lake championship.
Tony DeNucci defeated Thoruf Marius to win the FLWA heavy weight title.

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