Sunday, July 27, 2008

NIW 7/26/2008

Northern Impact Wrestling held some wrestling matches at Lonetti's Lounge as part of the Rice St. Festival in St. Paul, MN this last Saturday night. This was an outdoor free show and it was a hot day so I didn't take photos of every match.
In the second match of the card Benjamin Sailer beat Arik Cannon. These two did some great mat wrestling to start things off but then took there match to the streets. They battled through Lonetti's Lounge first then they stopped traffic on Rice Street. They even battled in front of a police officer in his squad car. As Cannon and Sailer fought each other in the street and on coming cars would stop it reminded me of a scene in U2's Rattle and Hum. Good thing no arrest were made. The match made back to the ring where Sailer rolled up Cannon with a La Majistral cradle.
The Black Stallion pinned Arya Daivari after a power slam. Through the whole match Arya spoke only in his native tongue. You can learn more about Daivari by picking up the current issue of The Wrestler/Inside Wrestler where inside The Wrestler part of the mag there is an Introducing article on Daivari. Both photos from the article were taken by me.
Pete Huge defeated Ryan Cruz. This match, much like the Cannon/Sailer match, went to the streets and around the block.
Kamikaze Klecker and Nate Bash battled for the beer belt which was is named 'start drinking at noon and get drunk at some bar on the East side of Saint Paul middle weight title'. I believe that this match and title were not sanctioned by NIW. Nate Bash won this match and he retired the belt after the match because he needed the belt to keep his pants up. I want to point out that Ref Rob Page wore shorts for this event.

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