Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Up to the big leagues with bad names

One of the great things about photographing independent pro wrestling is seeing some of the men and women make it up to the 'big leagues', WWE or TNA. In the last month or two I've seen two wrestlers who I first saw 4-5 years ago wrestling in high school gyms or national guard armory's.
Back in April of 2004 I was at ring side in St. Paul, MN when Matt Sydal made his ROH debut against Delirious. The photos here are from the next night in Chicago Ridge, IL. On June 3rd, 2008 Matt made his WWE debut now wrestling as Evan Bourne.
The name change is a little goofy. Sydal was more unique then Bourne. Go ahead and do a search of both those names. The top searches for Bourne are from the Matt Damon movies.
Mickie Knuckles wrestled in the first round of the Ted Petty Invitational back in 2003. There was a spot open because someone had to cancel and Knuckles wanted that spot. The spot she took was the one with Ian Rotten, her trainer, as the opponent. Knuckles didn't make it past the first round but she put up one hell of a fight.
The second night of the tournament Knuckles wrestled Rain. She won that match. A few weeks ago Knuckles debuted with TNA but with a new first name, Moose. It was brought to my attention that a moose knuckle is the male version of a camel toe. Once again, another stupid name choice by those who give out names.

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Josh Ray said...

Great post Wayne! I feel deprived that I never saw either of them live!