Monday, November 17, 2008

HOW Superior, WI 11/15/2008

Last Saturday night Heavy On Wrestling presented 'Have a Funkin' Nice Day' at the Mertz Mortorelli Gym on the University Wisconsin Superior campus. This card featured two hard core legends, 3 former WWE wrestlers, a former WWE diva, a former ROH champion, a former WCW womans wrestler and many of the top wrestlers from Minnesota.
In the opening match Nate Bash defeated Austin AriesMikey of the Spirit Squad defeated Dickie Rodz by tap out. This was my first time seeing both of those guys. Rodz looked a lot like Bret Hart with his pink and black tights and long dark hair.
Cherry defeated Ann Brookstone and Daffney in a womans 3 way dance. Heavy D refed this match while drinking beer! Cherry got the three count when she pinned Brookstone.
Arya Daivari defeated Brody Hoofer, Joey Envy and Venom in a tables elimination 4 way match for the #1 contender to the HOW championship. The tables in this match were some of the toughest tables I've ever seen. It took two spears from Hoofer to put 300 pound Venom through the table. With Envy eliminated Daivari tried to win the match with a magic carpet ride with Hoofer on the table but the table didn't break. All it did was injure Daivari's arm. Daivari was able to win as he pushed Hoofer off the ring apron on to a table but that took two tries as well.

The Highlanders defeated the Northstar Express.
The Black Stallion defeated Thoruf Marius when Bad Boy Brian turned on Marius and gave him a low blow.
For the main event HOW brought in Mick Foley and Terry Funk as special guest referees for the first HOW championship match. Before the match started Foley asked that the wrestlers give the refs a reason to get physically involved in the match as he was sure that the fans didn't come to see him and Funk just be referees.
Benjamin Sailer defeated Arik Cannon to win the HOW championship. Cannon gave both Funk and Foley plenty of reason to get physical during the match. The Northstar Express came out to help Cannon but Foley and Funk chased them to the back. While the refs were busy Cannon gave Sailer a ddt on the ramp way and that made Sailer bleed so much he had a crimson mask. After an appearance by Mr Socko Sailer hit a german suplex for the three count.


Anonymous said...

What kind of a draw do they get in Superior?

I can't figure out where all the $$ is coming from to bring in Foley, Terry Funk (at least twice), Christy Hemme, The Honky Tonk Man, and all of these other out-of-town workers over the last several months.

pro wrestling photog said...

This card had over 1,000 paid. How does HOW bring in those big names from out of town and make money? Sponsers, sponsers, sponsers.

Check out an interview with HOW promoter Dave Sabick on trash talking radio from 11/18/08. The interview is in the second segment.