Sunday, November 30, 2008

NPW Hayward, WI 11/29/2008

Northwoods Pro Wrestling in conjunction with Minnesota Independent Wrestling, held their first card that the L.C.O. casino in Hayward, WI this past Saturday night. There was a pretty good turn out so it looks like NPW will be back at the L.C.O. some time in the near future. My luck at the casino was good as I walked out with $27 more then I came with.
Daryl Hall defeated 'Livewire'Johnny Parks in the opening contest with a roll up pin. Parks had been in retirement untill promoter Terry Fox gave him a call to get booked on this card.
'Playboy' Pete Huge defeated Cpl. Julio Julio. Once again Julio came out to a different name but this time I think it's for good as the fans really liked to cheer 'Julio Julio'. I think that Huge may have used the ropes to get the pin on Julio.
MIW Heavy weight champion Brody Hoofer defended his title against 'the Professional' Benjamin Sailer. There was a lot of back and forth action in this match but Hoofer came out still holding on to his belt in the end.
Zack Mercury pinned Mitch Paradise. It's not often you see a man as big as Mercury do a missile dropkick from the top rope. One of the referees on this card was former AWA referee Gary DeRusha as seen here in this photo.
The regiegning MIW ladies champion, Josie, returned but with a new name. Josie is now know as Sojourner Bolt in TNA and on this night she faced Reggie who wrestles for OVW. Bolt got the win after a DVD.
The main event of the night was a battle royal for the 'king fo the Northwoods' ax. All the male wrestlers from the card were in the battle royal plus 3 more. The final four in the ring were Huge, Hoofer, Mercury and Paradise. The winner of the axe was Paradise when he dumped Mercury over the top with help from Huge and Hoofer.

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