Monday, February 09, 2009

AWF Elk River, MN 2/7/2009

The American Wrestling Federation held February Free For All III this past Saturday night at the Elk River high school. This event was a fund raiser for the Elk River football team.
In the opening contest "Live Wire" Johnny Parks defeated Angel Armoni.
Thoruf Marius defeated Chris Jordan. Marius got the pin on Jordan with a little help from his manager Sheik Adnan El Kassie.
Cory O'Neill & Joey Envy defeated Aaron Corbin & Brody Hoofer. I think that Hoofer was too distracted by the shampoo bottle mascot that was in the crowd for one of the sponsers. Acording to the poster for this card this was too be the O'Neill Twins last tag team match but Cory's brother Cody was once unable to make it as was the case back in December.
In the battle between to local wrestlers who recently appeared on WWE Lenny Lane defeated Sammy Savard. Lane appeared on ECW back in September loosing to Jack Swagger while Savard lost to the Boogieman on ECW a few weeks ago. At least Savard didn't have to eat worms after his loss on this night. The end came when ref Rob Page disqualified Savard when he thought that Savard used a chair on Lane. I've probably wrote this before but I hate that finish. Why is that finish the only time the ref calls something that he doesn't see?
Mitch Paradise defeated Scotty Too Hotty in the simi main event. There was a really funny spot in this match when ref Jay Soltice tried to kick Paradise's hand off the rope. Paradise pulled his arm away so Soltice's kick missed and he fell on his ass. Paradise got the win which dissappointed the crowd of over 700 who really wanted to see STH do the Worm. Paradise kept attacking STH after the match. STH got the upper hand then made the crowd happy when he did the worm. STH then got some kids from the crowd into the ring for a worm contest.
In the main event Tony DeNucci defeated Chris Black in a hard core match. I've recently watched DeNucci's AWA debut match on ESPN Classic. That match took place around 1990.(Edited to correct the year of DeNucci's debut)

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