Tuesday, July 28, 2009

8 Stupid questions with Ann Brookstone

Name:Ann Brookstone
years pro:6
Home town:Duluth, MN
1. Are you tough enough? Apparently not, I lost the local MPW Tough Enough version in 2003. How about "good enough"? (MPW Tough Enough winner announced 6/15/2003. Ann Brookstone is on the far right.)
2. What's your favorite viral video?I had to look up what a viral video meant, haha. I'd have to say the Will Ferrell, baby as the landlord video."I need to get my drink on" ( Ann Thraxx VS Daizee Haze MPW 11/27/2004)
3. Nora Greenwald has refereed a bunch of your matches. Which of her gimmicks do you like best? Ms Madness, Cousin Molly Holly, Mighty Molly or Evil Molly?Mighty Molly, "holy sidekick, Hurricane, it's Mighty Molly" ( Ann Brookstone VS Rain with Nora Greenwald as the referee at NIW 1/8/2006)
4. What do you like the most about being a pro wrestler?the sex and drugs ( Ann Brookstone VS Louisa Liece at RnRWrestling 12/5/2005)
5. If you could only eat at one fast food place for the rest of your life which one would it be?Chipolte...fo eva. (Brookstone VS Daffney HOW 11/15/2008)
6. Is that blood real? it's as real as Allison Wonderland's boobs. ( Brookstone VS Daffney F1rst Wrestling 6/19/2009)
7. Have you ever bought anything that was promoted by the late great Billy Mays?I used Oxiclean to get the blood out of my shirt from the picture above! ( Brookstone VS Allison Wonderland IWA 5/2/2009)
8. What's your finisher?laying on my back, staring at the lights :) (Brookstone VS O.D.B. F1rst Wrestling 1/25/2008)

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