Monday, December 14, 2009

F1rst Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 12/11/2009

F1rst Wrestling returned to their home base, First Ave, this past Saturday for an event titled "Holiday Havok". It was cold outside as well as inside the night club.
In the opening match Udo defeated "Playboy" Pete Huge. After the match Huge left his manager/valet Allison Wonderland.

Horace the Psychopath came out and demanded that Arya Daivari come out for a match. Daivari came out but said Horace first had to beat the 5-0 to get a match with him. Horace pinned both Rob Justice and Mark Barker to get a match with Daivari.
Venom defeated The Prophet.
"6% Body Fat" Rob James came out and issued his '6% challenge. This time the challenge was a pose down. Answering that challenge was Black Hogan! After two poses James attacked Hogan. This was only Hogans second time in the ring.
Arik Cannon came out to save Black Hogan and that lead to the next match. Rob James defeated Cannon after Cannon missed his glimmering warlock. James continued to punish Cannon after the bell so Black Hogan came back out to give James the big boot and leg drop combo.
Arya Daivari came out and talked about how bad Christmas is. This brought out Santa Claus and his ginger bread man helper. Santa and GBM toss presents out to the crowd then Santa gave a present to Daivari. The present was a chain with a dog collier on each end and it was from Horace. After Daivari but his collier on Santa revealed that he was really Horace and the next match started.
Arya Daivari defeated Horace the Psychopath in a dog collier match. Referee Ricky Reed stopped the match because Horace was bleeding too much. Blood was actually streaming from his forehead like a fountain. That was probably the grossest thing I ever saw in a pro wrestling match. Referee Rob Page came out and re stared the match and Daivari won this time with a roll up.
There was a thousand dollars on the line in a TLC match between the Northstar Express and Midwest Ground & Air. After Nate Bash put Ryan Cruz through a table on the outside of the ring and Benjamin Sailer put Darin Corbin through a table inside the ring Sailer climbed the ladder and took down the case with a thousand dollars in it. Bash & Sailer tossed some of their winners in to the crowd.

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