Friday, September 23, 2011

BCW Crystal, MN 6/10/2011

I took the summer off from this blog. Heck I pretty much took the summer off from ring side as I was only at two wrestling events during the months of June, July and August. But now fall is here and it’s getting colder outside so I’m going to play catch up starting with a Born Champions Wrestling card that took place on June 10 at the Crystal community center. This was the first BCW show in while as the last one that was scheduled in the winter was canceled because of a snow storm.
IMG_9770In the opening match “The Popular” Nate Bash defeated Kamikazi Klecker.
IMG_9874The Patriot III defeated Cameron Cross after a big splash.
IMG_9925Craven Knyte defeated Udo.
IMG_0065“The Anarchist” Arik Cannon defeated The Prophet.
IMG_0194Arya Daivari & Judd Jennrich defeated Bret O’Brian & Venom (101 Proof) to become the new BCW tag team champions. After the match O’Brian turned on Venom.
IMG_0404BCW heavy weight champion Darin Corbin retained his belt against “6% body fat” Rob James and Ryan Cruz in a TCL match. Cruz was actually the one to get the belt down from the ladder but referee Rob Page was knocked out. When Page came to he saw Corbin with the belt and declared Corbin the winner.

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