Friday, May 18, 2012

CM Punk VS Daniel Bryan

wwe.com2This Sunday at the WWE Over The Limit PPV the WWE champion CM Punk will take on the challenge of Daniel Bryan. To promote that match this week posted a story about the history between Punk and Bryan. That story included photos I took for Pro Wrestling Illustrated back in 2004. The match took place at the St. Paul Armory for Ring of Honor when Bryan was then know as Bryan Danielson. No titles were on the line in that match on April 23 but Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat was the special guest referee. Bryan won that match when he made Punk tap out. Will he be able to make Punk tap out again this Sunday?
wwe.com4CM Punk spent his first few years in pro wrestling in Steel Domain Wrestling which held most of its card in West Saint Paul, just down the road from where this ROH card took place.You can watch this match at ROH’s web site which I’ve linked here. Look for me at ring side, I'm the one in the red shirt.

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