Wednesday, July 25, 2012

George Tragos/Lou Thesz 2012 Hall of Fame

IMG_6496On Saturday July 14th the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute & Museum held their annual George Tragos/Lou Thesz  Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame induction. If you are a pro wrestling fan I highly recommend that you make a trip to Waterloo, Iowa to visit this great museum. Of course, the best time to visit is during the Hall of Fame inductions.
IMG_1538The first event of the day was an MMA demonstration with former UFC champion Dan “The Beast” Severn.
IMG_1575Next up was a tribute to Danny Hodge and a Q & A hosted by Bill Apter. On the panel were Dan Severn, Jim Ross, John Layfield, Larry Hennig, Danny Hodge, Jerry Brisco, Joe Laurinaites, Jim Raschke, and Bob Roop. Apter started off by asking everyone on the panel to talk about the legacy of Hodge’s career. After everyone told their stories about Hodge Apter opened it up to questions from the crowd. Best question was from Layfield who asked Raschke how he got away with doing the goose step for years and Layfield did it once and got fired.
IMG_1710The HoF ceremony took place at 7pm in the 5 Sullivan Brothers Convention Center. This years award winners were: “Road Warrior Animial” Joe Laurinaitis (Frank Gotch award), John Bradshaw Layfield (Lou Thesz award), Don Curtis (Hall of Fame) accepted by his wife Dotty, Bill Apter (Jim Melby award), Dan Severn (George Tragos award), and Kurt Angle, who was not able to be there to accept the award (Hall of Fame).

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