Friday, July 13, 2012

SDW Hopkins, MN 7/7/2012

Steel Domain Wrestling is back. After many years of not running regular shows SDW has now had two events this year. I missed their first on which took place back in April. This event took place last Saturday night at the Hopkins Pavilion. The Pavilion is an ice arena and this event was a fund raiser for the Hopkins hockey program. This event was filmed live for an ippv and is still available for viewing on the SDW web site.
IMG_9339The show started with announcer Mick Karch and SDW promoter Ed Hellier greeting the live crowd and ippv viewing audience. They then brought out Honky Tonk Man for an interview. HTM was interrupted by his opponent for the night, Mitch Paradise. Lucky for Karch and Hellier, the two wrestlers did not get into a fight right then and there.
IMG_9420In the opening match “Bulldog” Sammy Savard pinned Matt Classic. Lot’s of old school wrestling in this match. These two were so old school they didn’t even have entrance music.
IMG_9525Heather Halberg with her husband Jeremy Halberg defeated Miss Natural. This was a rematch from the SDW event back in April.
IMG_9646Benjamin Sailer & Renny D defeated Mikey Wipeout & Robbie Thunder. Renny pinned Wipeout after this top rope/on the shoulders cross body block.
IMG_9713Arya Daivari pinned Ryan Cruz after a super kick. This was another rematch from the last event. The fans gave this match a “this is awesome” and “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chants.
IMG_9814After intermission Mick Karsh interviewed AWA legend Baron Von Raschke at ring side. Dan Jesser came out and claimed that it was his interview time. The Baron had enough of Jesser so he gave Jesser the claw.
IMG_9870Craven Knyte defeated Rob James.
IMG_0043Honky Tonk Man pinned Mitch Paradise. HTM got the pin with a fast 3 count from referee Jay Soltis. Paradise had the fast count coming to him as he was roughing up Soltis.
IMG_0547NWA heavy weight champion Colt Cabana retained the title against challenger “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce in an “I Quit” match.This was match three in a best of seven series called “Seven Levels of hate”. Pearce undid one of the top turn buckles and used it to choke out Cabana. Referee Jay Soltis call the match but Cabana did not say ‘I Quit”. Cabana woke up and demanded that Pearce get back in the ring and finish the match. Pearce said “I Quit” while Cabana had him in the move pictured here. Cabana now leads the series 3-0. (I just checked out Cabana’s wikipedia entry and read that he started his pro wrestling career in ROH. Well, a few years before ROH was even around Cabana was wrestling in SDW along with Adam Pearce, current TNA champ Austin Aries, Ken Anderson, and CM Punk. Can’t believe anything on the wiki.)

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