Thursday, November 01, 2012

PWB St. Paul, MN 10/20/2012

Pro Wrestling Battleground was at Wibelsky’s Blues Saloon a few Saturday nights ago. Part of this event was a 4 man tournament to crown the new Breakout champion.
IMG_9711In the first match of the BCW Breakout championship tournament Shinigami defeated Rainmaker. Shinigami’s mask reminds me of the Great Sasuke.
IMG_9751Luther Wilson the 3rd defeated Patriot 3. Not only was this a first round match for the BCW Breakout championship but it was also a match to decide who could use the # 3 in their name. For now on Patriot 3 shall be known as “Real American”.
IMG_9796Darin Corbin pinned Venom. Corbin is trying to get voted PWI’s “most hated wrestlers of the year”. Just his tights alone should get him that award.
IMG_9851Chris Jordan defeated The Prophet with his feet on the ropes.
IMG_9923Luther Wilson the 3rd defeated Shinigami to become the first BCW Breakout champion.
IMG_0021Ryan Cruz pinned “6% body fat” Rob James.
IMG_0227BCW champion Craven Knyte defeated “Playboy” Pete Huge and Horace the Psychopath to retain the title.

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