Tuesday, December 04, 2012

PTW Bloomington, MN 11/23/2012

Prime Time Wrestling presented “Black & Blue Friday” a week ago at the Knights of Columbus in Bloomington, MN.
IMG_2884Mikey Wipeout defeated Apostle 13 in the opening match. These two have been wrestling each other the last few shows with neither one getting a win. After the match Apostle 13 attacked Wipeout and Alas De Fuego came out to make the save. This was De Fuego’s first appearance in PTW.
IMG_3010Renny D Defeated John Johnson.
IMG_3110Mitch Paradise & Billy Blaze ( Body Beautiful) defeated Zero Kincade & Magic Man.
IMG_3260PTW champion Black Stallion retained the title when he defeated Arya Daivari. Daivari tried using the title belt and a low blow to defeat Stallion. Referee Rob Page gave the belt to Daivari after a 3 count but referee Willie Mac came out to tell Page about the cheating that Daivari did so Page restarted the match. Stallion then rolled up Daivari for the win.
IMG_3437Ryan Cruz & Big D defeated Crisco & Lenny Lane in the main event.

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