Friday, December 07, 2012

SDW South St. Paul, MN 11/24/2012

Steel Domain Wrestling was at the South St. Paul high school a few weeks ago on a Saturday night. This was a benefit show for the high schools dance team.
IMG_3475SDW promoter Ed Hellier and announcer Mick Karch started off the event at ring side for the internet taping. They were interrupted by Zero Kincade who complained that he was not on the card. Kincade didn’t get a match but he did get the claw from Baron Von Raschke.
IMG_3520Wildcat defeated Craven Knyte in the opening match. Midway through the match a cable under the ring came loose and that made the rings loose. This made it so the wrestlers were unable to use the ropes. The ring was fixed after the match.
IMG_3601Miss Natural defeated Ann Brookstone.
IMG_3724Rob James defeated Ryan Cruz. When James came to the ring he got on the mic and put down the South St. Paul dance team who were in attendance. The team then came down closer to the ring to cheer on Cruz but it was not enough to help him win the match.
IMG_3838Renny D defeated his former tag team partner Benjamin Sailer. During the match one of Sailer’s kicks hit Renny’s nose causing a deviated septum. Even with the the almost broken nose Renny was still able to get the pin but with his feet on the ropes. Referee Rob Page was out of position to see Renny cheat to win.
IMG_3985In the main event Mitch Paradise pinned Arya Daiavri after a choke slam. This match can be seen on the SDW web site which is linked above.

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