Sunday, October 04, 2015

New training camp opens in Minneapolis

This past week Prime Time Wrestling opened up a new pro wrestling training camp in Minneapolis, MN. I visited the camp last Friday night when they had open training. PTW owner Greg McDonald was there along with Billy Blaze, Darin Corbin, ref Willy Mack, Craven Knyte and Ariya Daivari. There was also a new trainee there who just started training earlier in the week. If you are looking for a place to train to be a pro wrestler or you are a trained pro wrestler looking for a ring to work out in then contact Greg McDonald at the PTW Facebook page or website (linked above).

New trainee Pete working on arm drags.
 Wrestlers making use of the crash pad.
Craven Knyte getting ready to return to the ring. He's giving a missile dropkick to the training dummy. 
Eleven years ago I visited the Midwest Pro Wrestling training camp. There I photographed Darin Corbin getting ready for his debut. Points for anyone who can name the guy in the far right corner wearing a green shirt.

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