Friday, December 04, 2015

Chikara Minneapolis, MN 10/22/2015

Promotion: Chikara Pro
Time/Date: Thursday 7:30pm October 22, 2015
City, State: Minneapolis, MN
Venue: Mill City Nights

Season 15 "Making A Stand"

Chuck Taylor pinned Frightmare.

Darin Corbin & The Punk Rock All Stars (Shaun Cannon & Drake Cater) defeated The Estonian Farmer Frog &N_R_G! (Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell).

Arik Cannon pinned Oleg the Usurper.
Princess Kimberlee & Los Ice Creams defeated Young Lions Cup Champion Heidi Lovelace, Icarus & Mr. Touchdown.

F1RST Wrestling Wreslepalooza champion Ariya Daivari defeated Venom, Kody Rice and Wildcat in a fatal 4 way match to retain the title.

The Grand champion of Chikara  Hallowicked defeated Jakob Hammermeier.

In the main event Ophidian, Shynron & Eddie Kingston defeated The United Nations (Juan Francisco DeCoronado, Prakash Sabar & Proletariat Boar).

Soldier Ant pinned Blaster McMassive in the encore match. I had no idea this is a thing in Chikara. The fans chanted for one more match and they got it.

On a side note, I'm just now getting back on track as I've been without a computer for over a month. The old mother board went out on me.

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