Friday, December 04, 2015

#FBF MPW Maple Grove, MN 1/17/2004

Promotion: Midwest Pro Wrestling
Time/Date: Saturday 7:300pm January 17, 2004
City, State: Maple Grove, MN
Venue: MPW training camp

With these flashbacks I can't always tell you who won the match as I was not taking notes at the time. I try to take a photo of the ref raising the hand of the winning wrestler but that doesn't always happen.  That's one reason why I really like to do this blog as it's a record of all the matches that I've photographed. There used to be message boards where fans would post results/reviews of the matches. Too bad those message boards are no longer around. Message boards are a thing of the past.

This event was one of MPW's big Saturday shows. They had events every Sunday but once a month they had a bigger Sunday event. This one was a big deal as they brought in AJ Style and Christopher Daniels. Both of those guys were at an event in Wisconsin the night before.

MPW cruiser weight champ Kid Krazy defeated Casanova, El Viejo and Kaos (Cody O'Neill) in a 4 man elimination match to retain the title.

The Schoolboy VS Sheriff Johnny Emerald.

Cowboy Gator Magraw VS Aaron Corbin.

"The Fallen Angle" Christopher Daniels pinned Arik Cannon.

AJ Styles pinned Shifty. I think that Shifty only wrestled in one more match after this one. Styles came back to MPW to win the Universal championship.

While going through these photos I saw this one of a fan holding up a sign. That fan can now be seen wrestling on NXT on the WWE network. Oh yeah, there is a young fat Venom in that photo as well.

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