Friday, December 01, 2017

PTW Bloomington, MN 10/27/17

Promotion: Prime Time Wrestling
Time/Date: 7 p.m. Friday October 27, 2017
City, State: Bloomington, MN
Venue: Bloomington Event Center

This was the second annual PTW zombie invasion. The event started off with Lore and Joseph "Stonehenge" Wayne coming to the ring and bringing out some zombies to attack a rookie wrestler. The zombies would come out more through out the night.

Black Stallion defeated PTW Uptown champion Darin Corbin by DQ. Corbin hit Stallion with the title belt for the DQ. Check out that old school WWF shirt on the the guy on the left of the photo.

PTW U.S. Fanny Pack champion Danny Duggan took on Luther Wilson III, Tomahawk Kid, Brandon Gore, "Downtown" Petey Brown and Ian Xavier in a 6 man match.

Most of the wrestlers were attacked by "Stonehenge" and his zombies.

Danny Duggan pinned Ian Xavier ( the only remaining wrestler) to retain the fanny pack title.

Air Wolf pinned Craven Knyte. This may have been Knyte's last match in pro wrestling.

"Livewire" Johnny Parks took on a guy who who runs a karate dojo. It was suppose to be Billy Blaze that was suppose to take on the karate guy but Blaze must have been too scared to show up. Parks was attacked by the zombies.

PTW champion Mitch Paradise defeated Lore to retain the title. This event was the first of 3 that I would attend over the weekend. Both of these guys would be on all three of those events.

PTW tag team champions Wild Cat & Super Thunder Frog wrestled DOUG & Other DOUG to a no contest when Lore, Joseph "Stonehenge" Wayne and the zombies attacked the 4 wrestlers.

Wild Cat & Super Thunder Frog defeated Lore & Joseph "Stonehenge" Wayne in a quick match to end the event.

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