Sunday, June 04, 2006

Neo Pro West St Paul 6/3/2006

Neo Pro wrestling brought indy pro wrestling back to the West St Paul armory. If I'm correct the last time they had pro wrestling in the building that Steel Domain Wrestling (SDW) built was on Easter Sunday 2004 for that Lucha show I wrote about here back on April 11th . Neo Pro brought their Neo Rumble match to thise venue which is a 40+ man 2 ring battle royal rumble style. The other five matches were able to use both rings as well.
The card started off hot with a 3 way dance, or maybe it was a triple threat match, I'm not sure but it was for the Neo Pro cruiserweight title which was held by Kamikazi Klecker. Kid Krazy and Aaron Corbin were the other two in this match and it was Kid Krazy who ended the match with a pin on Klecker. Kid Krazy has more copies of his dvd availible on his myspace so click here to go order one.
The next match of the night was Tony DeNucci Vs Mason Quinn. It's been awhile since Quinn has been in a MN ring. He came to the ring with his old manager AJ Fontana but his manager wasn't enough to beat DeNucci. There was a Mecury 1 title match between the champion Skull Crusher and the challenger Cooter. No photos from this match.
The O'Neill twins defended their Neo Pro tag titles against the Young Stars, Shimdog and Joey Envy. They Young stars have been a tag team on and off for about 4 years so the name may not fit them anymore. The O'Neill twins held on to their belts in the end by giving Shimdog a double spanish fly.
Magnus Maximus was suppose to take on the Neo Pro champion The Black Stallion but the Stallion was injured so commish Dolan made a match with Magnus against John Johnson. Magnus won this match with a boston crab.
I have no idea how many wrestlers were actually in this Neo Rumble but it was a lot. The winner of the rumble was Magnus Maximus and he gets a title shot at any of 4 titles from the 4 different promotions involved in this card which incluced Neo Pro, FLWA, AWF and Mercury 1.
It was nice to see a good turn out for this card.

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