Sunday, July 09, 2006

NIW Cottage Grove, MN 7/2/2006

Northern Impact Wrestling finished off their first ever triple shot weekend with the finals of the Impact Invitational 16 man tournament at the Cottage Grove armory.
Kid Krazy beat Jimmy Jacobs to win the NIW Universal title and advance in the tourny. At the start of the show NIW owner Frosty came out with a new belt that was named the NIW Universal title as it was to replace the belt/title that Al B.C. held on to for 9 months.
Arik Cannon beat Jigsaw to go to the next round of the tourny.
Austin Aries pinned The Prophet to move on to the next level. The Prophets NIW Impact title was not on the line.
Delirious beat Darin Corbin in this second round match. In the photo here Corbin is wearing a Delirious mask that he found under the ring. Corbin must have been watching the best of Delirious dvds becuase he had Delirious down to a t.
Arik Cannon beat Austin Aries for his spot in the final match. The last time these two wrestled each other was when Cannon was the IWA MS champion and after a lariet from Aries he broke his coller bone.
Kid Krazy beat Delirious to face Cannon in the Impact Invitational finals.
In a classic surviver match Ryan Cruz was the final to win the match and Larry Sweeneys Tex-Arkana tv title but he quickly lost it as Cody O'Neill helped Sweeney roll Cruz up and leave the tourny with his belt.
The NIW Universal champion Kid Krazy beat Arik Cannon to win the NIW Impact Invitational.
Man! look at the size of that trophy! It's over 5 feet tall.

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