Wednesday, September 30, 2009

F1rst Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 9/26/2009

F1rst Wrestling returned to First Ave night club in Minneapolis, MN, this time for an early start Saturday event. Three wrestlers from Chikara made their way to F1rst Wrestling for this event. I spent some time back stage getting new posed photos so there were some matches that I didn't get many action photos of. One of those was the Benjamin Sailer VS Sammy Savard.
Nate Bash pinned Ophidian in the opening contest. Originally scheduled for this event was a tag team match between Midwest Ground & Air and The Osirian Portal but Amasis was unable to make it for some reason. Because of that one member from each team was placed in this singles match.
Rob Justice (formerly Known as Joessiah)& Mark Barker defeated Udo & Venom with the "Eddie". I hate this ending for a match.
"6% Body Fat" Rob James defeated cpl. Julio Julio. This match started out as a push-up competition but James just kicked Julio after the third push-up by Julio.
Lince Dorado defeated Arik Cannon, Frightmare and Ryan Cruz in a 4 man match. Dorado pinned Cruz after a shooting star press.
Brody Hoofer pinned Arya Daivari with a roll up as Daivari was arguing with ref Rob Page. After the match Daivari put the boots to Page and Horace the Psychopath made the save which went right into the main event.
"Playboy" Pete Huge with Allison Wonderland defeated Horace the Psychopath. Huge was able to get the pin after Daivari came to the ring and threw a fireball at Horace.

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