Monday, February 15, 2010

MWE New Hope, MN 2/13/2010

Midwest Wrestling Entertainment held it's second annual fund raiser card at the Holy Nativity church in New Hope, MN. There was an interesting twist to this card as some of the wrestlers were picked to referee the matches. This was the first time I've ever been to a pro wrestling event in a church.
In the opening contest "Everyone's Favorite" Nate Bash pinned Weston Monroe. Chris Jordan, the promoter of MWE, was the special referee for this match. After the match was over The Black Stallion came out and attacked Jordan.
El Bano defeated "The Law" Mark Barker with Cpl. Julio Julio as special referee.
Gunner Clash defeated Super Lover in the next match. Pete Huge was suppose to be the special referee. Huge complained that he should not have to ref. He then gave both Clash and Lover the "Pete spot" and left the ring. This was my first time seeing Super Lover in action.
Cpl. Julio Julio defeated "6% Body fat" Rob James by submission. Barker was the special ref and he pushed James which lead to Julio's submission.
Shimdog pinned Horace the psychopath with Weston Monroe as the special ref. I don't know if this was suppose to be a hard core match but it turned into a garbage match when Horace tossed a full trash can at Shimdog in the ring. Shimdog got the pin with a fast 3 count from Monroe.
Brody Hoofer defeated Pete Huge in a championship match.
"The Genuine Article" Chris Jordan got the win over The Black Stallion in the main event of the night. Shimdog was the special ref but he was chaised back to the locker room by "Everyone's Favorite" Nate Bash. The ref that replaced Shimdog was powerbombed by Stallion but Pastor Jason came to the ring to make the 3 count on Stallion after a Jordan top rope elbow drop.

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