Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AWF Monticello, MN 1/7/2012

The American Wrestling Federation returned to the Monticello high school for another fund raiser/TV taping. AWF Saturday Night Slam is now taped in HD!.
IMG_9380In the opening match The Black Stallion pinned “All Star” Paul Brewski.
IMG_9537“6% Body Fat” Rob James beat “Livewire” Johnny Parks with the lipo buster, aka Canadian destroyer. This was actually a tag team match with James and Parks teaming with teachers from Monticello High School. After the match James told his partner to kick Parks while he was down. Teachers are really good guys so all the teachers pummeled James.
IMG_9675Former AWF heavy weight champion Tony DeNucci pinned John Johnson after a big splash from the top rope.
IMG_9917Arya & Shawn Daivari beat AWF heavy weight champion Wildcat & Ryan Cruz. Arya hit Wildcat with the title belt to get the 3 count from ref Rob Page.
IMG_0205The main event was a royal rumble with all the wrestlers from the four previous matches minus the teachers and Wildcat. Benjamin Sailer was also in the rumble but he didn’t last long. No wonder the AWF doesn’t book him. Johnny Parks was the winner of the match when he skinned the cat and pulled Rob James out to the floor.

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