Tuesday, January 24, 2012

“The Wrestler” staring Vern Gagne

Pepit's Parkway theatre in Minneapolis, MN will be screening “The Wrestler” Jan 27, 2012 - Feb 1, 2012. This is the original “The Wrestler” made back in 1974 and stared Ed Asner, Vern Gagne and Billy Robinson. Many other wrestlers from the AWA appear in the film such as Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdock who are in a great bar room brawl scene. If you watch really close you can even see Ric Flair.

IMG_0141On Friday the 27 Greg Gagne (pictured on the right with former tag team partner Jim Brunzell who was also in the movie)will be appearing at the 6:300 showing and doing a Q & A after the movie. Gagne can be seen as a referee in the movie. On Saturday Vern Gagne is scheduled to make an appearance.

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