Friday, January 27, 2012

Heavy D and Ox in March 2012 PWI

IMG_8624The March 2012 Awards issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated  has a photo from last years Heavy On Wrestling show featuring Heavy D and Ox from the Barking Spiders. The photo appears on page 24 in the “year in review” section, which could be called the “year in funny captions’. The funny caption for the photo, which was taken seconds before the one shown here, has to do with Zach Gowen missing his prosthetic leg.

IMG_8609Don’t worry Zach Gowen fans, that is not his leg. The leg actually belongs to Heavy D’s little brother. Clutch grabbed Heavy D’s little brother from the crowd and dragged him into the ring. Heavy D had been taken from the ring by Mark Barker for being too drunk to wrestle. D returned to the ring and used his brothers leg to hit Ox and make the pin to get the win.

This issue of PWI should be on news stands now. If you can’t find it on the magazine racks at your local store you can order it from their web site, pwi-online, for only $5.95. That’s $4 off cover price. PWI is now also available in digital format for only $4.99. A yearly subscription cost only $29.95.

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