Thursday, February 02, 2006

MPW Minneapolis, MN 1/31/06

From the First Ave main room in Minneapolis, MN MPW presents...
Animal Sam defeated Craven Knyte. This was Knytes second match at First Ave. Last month he teamed with Ryan Cruz as they lost to the Junk Squad.
The Asylum beat Zero Kincade. In Asylums second match at First Ave he faced the challenge of Zero who made is first in ring appearance at First Ave.
Magnus Maximus beat Big Daddy Hoofer.
In a battle of heavy weight Vs cruiser weight Mitch Paradise beat Kid Krazy. As you can see in this photo Kid Krazy had a cut on his chin. His chin met with Paradise's hard head. This was only the second time that Krazy has bleed in a match. After the show Krazy got 5 stiches.
Jessica Dalton & Cody O'neill defeated The Junk Squad. Sure, they had a little help from Magnus Maximus but it wouldn't have happened if Chris Jordan didn't get in Magnus's face earlier in the night. Jessica Dalton was formally known as ODB.
Nate Bash won the MPW cruiser weight title when he pinned Arik Cannon. During the match Cannon knocked a beer out of one of Bash's fans hands. Shame on him for that waste of beer. Yeah, Nate got a little help from Punisher Rob James. But as with Chris Jordan, Cannon had it coming as he used the belt to beat Bash when he won the title.

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