Saturday, February 25, 2006

XJAM Minot, ND 2/17/06

Night 2 of the XJAM double shot was held at the Minot Armory/auditorium. This show featured everyone who was on the card the night before except Keith Walker and Jason Bates as they were fired the night before.
The first match of the night was Red Lightning Vs The Patriot III. Before the match Red got on the mic to tell the crowd that he was proud of his French heritage and that he hated the U.S. of A.. In the end The Patriot's suplexs were to much for Red.

Next match of the night was Animal Sam w/Valkyrie challenging Mentallo for the XJAM cruiser weight title. The match spilled out to the floor where Mentallo gave Sam a ddt on a pile of chairs.

In the third match of the night Arik Cannon battled Benjamin Sailer. The crowd was really behind Sailer who is from near by Bismark, ND. Cannon must not have believed the fans cheers as he challenged Sailer to an 8x10 selling contest at intermission. The two even put on a wager with there after match contest. Who ever sold the fewest 8 x 10's would have to go start the the winners car in the cold Minot night while still in their wrestling gear. Cannon cheated to win the wrestling match. He was no match for Sailer as the Minot fans lined up to buy Sailers 8 x 10's so much so that Sailer sold out of all that he had. But Cannon wasn't done as he didn't want to go out in the cold and possible crack his pleather gear. So he challenged Sailer to on more contest, a thumb wrestling match. Once again Cannon cheat and beat Sailer.

Intermission time at the show with a full gimmick table and Molly Holly signing autographs.

After intermission there was a tag team match that was suppose to be the Dirty Ones, Dan Hanson and Ernie Ellis, Vs Thunder and Lightning, Red Lightning and Bigg Nasty. Before the match Bigg Nasty was attacked by Sam Ellis so he was replaced by Red's manager Eddie Fyne. The Dirty Ones won the match.

Molly Holly was the special guest referee in the ladies title match between new champion Rain and challenger Ann-Thraxx. Molly did her best to make sure Ann didn't cheat but she couldn't see every thing as Ann-Thraxx cheated to get her belt back. Ann got lippy with the former WWE woman's champ but when Molly got physical Ann-Thraxx backed down.

In the main event Lenny Lane unified both XJAM title.

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